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Why do we need continuous build and deployment processes

Why do we need continuous build and deployment processes. One of the driving forces behind see-I short for continuous integration and CD short for continuous delivery and continuous deployment is to detect problems or bugs as early as possible in the development lifecycle.

If we only build and integrate our code right before us cycle or before the big release we are running a high risk of last minute failures in our integrated code base but integrating all the changes coming in from various team members and building and deploying the integrated source on a frequent basis.

These risks are minimized since then dashboard base is integrated belt tested and deployed with sufficient frequency. The potential bugs and errors are caught earlier on in the lifecycle. The faster feedback loop inevitably results in better quality software. Effective application of C.I. and C.D practices can provide greater confidence to the team in building their software products as new changes and features are introduced into the source stream.

The team can confidently accommodate these changes once the site and CD pipelines have been configured and operational they can automatically take care of the tedious and reproductive tasks of building and deploying the software freeing up the team to focus on building new features and other more creative endeavors.

This naturally increases the overall productivity of the team. Since the bills are automated and the source is integrated and continuously built and deployed there is little to no delay in producing a set of artifacts which can be shipped to any target environment made by a dove. Q8 Uberti our production environment overtime our CI and CD processes collect valuable information about our all this information our metrics can be tracked analyzed to give us a broader perspective of our code our team and overall systems.

This is tremendously useful for the development team and the organization as a whole. If there is a noticeable degradation in any areas of the system corrective measures may be taken earlier on in the development lifecycle.

Since most of the build integration and deployment processes are automated with the help of C.I. and CD diems can ship the products faster and more consistently.

Some organizations have taken automation to the extreme and they shipped their code several times every the all of the above stated benefits result in a lower cost of development and ultimately has a huge impact on overall bottom line of the company.

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7 + years of expertise of Cloud Platform(AWS) with Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, Amazon RDS, VPC, IAM, Amazon ELB, Scaling, CloudFront, CDN, CloudWatch, SNS, SQS, SES and other vital AWS services. Understand Infrastructure requirements, and propose design, and setup of the scalable and cost effective applications. Implement cost control strategies yet keeping at par performance. Configure High Availability Hadoop big data ecosystem, Teradata, HP Vertica, HDP, Cloudera on AWS, IBM cloud & other cloud services. Infrastructure Automation using Terraform, Ansible and Horton Cloud Break setups. 2+ Years of development experience with Big Data Hadoop cluster, Hive, Pig, Talend ETL Platforms, Apache Nifi. Familiar with data architecture including data ingestion pipeline design, Hadoop information architecture, data modeling, and data mining, machine learning, and advanced data processing. Experience at optimizing ETL workflows. Good knowledge of database concepts including High Availability, Fault Tolerance, Scalability, System, and Software Architecture, Security and IT infrastructure.

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