What is Jenkins

Jenkins is an open source continuous integration to written in Java. Jenkins provides continuous integration services for software development. It is a solar based system running in a servlet container such as Abaci Tomcat. It is very robust extensible and well-tested product Jenkin’s support several platforms and tools out of the box like Java dot net Ruby etc..

It has won several of ours for various course since it provides Jenkins is open source and is absolutely free. It is a truly cross-platform product and is capable of running on Windows Linux Mac was it is widely used by all sorts of organizations from startups to Fortune 500 companies and here are some features and benefits of Jenkins.

Jenkins is built on a distributed architecture. Most of the management is handled by a central server but the actual workload is taken on by work or software components called sleave because of this distributed architecture Jenkin’s is highly scalable as the workload for Jenkyns jobs increases.

We can add new slaves and registred them Vidar Jenkins over Jenkins is highly configurable and provides several options for us to set up exactly how it suits our environment.

Moreover Jenkin’s is also highly extensible. If you cannot find a configuration or feature which is bundled with a vanilla version of Jenkyns we can extend it by writing our own plugins. Jenkins has an active community of developers who have built and contributed hundreds of useful plugins.

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