What is Blue/Green deplyoment

# Blue/Green deplyoment

## create IAM role

* in the main navigation choose _Roles_
* click _create Role_
* choose **CodeDeploy** as AWS service
* choose **CodeDeploy – ECS** as UseCase to add and click _Next::Permissions_
* ensure that on _attach permissions policies_ page the policy **AWSCodeDeployRoleForECS** is listed, otherwise add this policy
* click _Next:Tags_
* click _Next:Review_
* save the role as **CodeDeployServiceRole**

## extend Loadbalancer listeners

Open AWS mgm console, sectin _EC2_ ==> _Loadbalancer_
create two new listeners, one with port **8080** and one with port **8088** , for testing

## create ECS service

create new service _simplehttp-bluegreen_

* EC2 based
* task definition _td-simplehttp-ec2_
* deployment type _Blue/green deployment (powered by AWS CodeDeploy)_
* deployment config: Canary10Percent5Minutes
* service role: CodeDeployServiceRole (the one which you created in the first step)
* Task placement: binpack
* disable _service discovery_
* enable Loadbalancing
* choose existing loadbalancer
* container to load balance: _simplehttp-container:0:8000 ==> click _Add to load balancer_
* production listener port: 8080
* enable _Test listener_
* Test listener port: 8088
* additional configuration ==> create two targetgroups: **bluegreen-1** and **bluegreen-2**

==> check CodeDeploy section in DeveloperTools category within AWS mgm console

## update CodePipeline

* Open your CodePipeline pipeline
* update the _Build_ step
* add missing artifacts to buildspec.yaml. Open buildspec.yml and replace the the existing _artifacts_ section by the following:

– printf ‘{“ImageURI”:”%s”}’ $REPOSITORY_URI:$IMAGE_TAG > imageDetail.json
– ‘image*.json’
– ‘appspec.yaml’
– ‘taskdef.json’
– appspec.yaml
– taskdef.json
– imageDetail.json

* set output artifacts to _DefinitionArtifact_ and _ImageArtifact_ as listed in the buildspec.yml
* update the _Deploy_ step
* change from _Deploy to ECS_ to use _Deploy to ECS (Blue/Green)_ as “Action provider”
* choose the correct region your ECS is up and running
* as “Input Artifacts” choose _ImageArtifact_ and _DefinitionArtifact_ (which are created at the build step, ref buildspec.yml )
* Select the app and deployment group which have been created in the previous step (ECS service creation)
* at “Amazon ECS task definition” choose _DefinitionArtifact_ and enter filename _taskdef.json_
* at “AWS CodeDeploy AppSpec file” choose _DefinitionArtifact_ and enter filename _appspec.yaml_
* enable “Dynamically update task definition image”
* choose _ImageArtifact_ as Input artifact
* enter _IMAGE1\_NAME_ as Placeholder text in the task definition
* click _Done_

* add appspec.yaml to CodeCommit repository (in root directory)

version: 0.0

– TargetService:
Type: AWS::ECS::Service
ContainerName: “simplehttp-container”
ContainerPort: 8000

* add taskdef.json to CodeCommit repository
* grab content from the task definition _td-simplehttp-ec2_ within ECS section, tab _JSON_ directly
* property **image:** ==> replace the image name by the placeholder , including brackets
* save file as taskdef.json add push it to _simplehttp_ CodeCommit repository

## trigger the pipeline

* edit simplehttp.go and change the output
* commit and push to CodeCommit
* CodePipeline will be triggered

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