Signal Messenger App Review

The signal messenger app went into the air after the privacy concerns in what’sapp.
What’sapp updated it’s privacy policies and stated that it would share the persone details of the user with Facebook and Instagram. This led to the increase in demand for what’sApp’s replacement. On all the social media platforms, trend for uninstalling what’sapp started to raise.
One of the replacement for which everyone was talking was none other than Signal Private messenger app.
 Though, signal app was launched in February 2018 it came into lime light within last few months. In this artefact we’ll discuss about the features,UI, is it really the safest??, and every other facilities that are provided by signal messenger app.
Let’s start with the major issue and the reason of it’s increasing demand.
Privacy policies of signal app:- 
It definitely provides a better privacy policy to it’s users. The major settings it has for the user’s privacy are as follows:-
• All the chats are end-to-end encrypted. It means nobody can read the chats except the user himself/herself. Even the owner and the management of the company can’t read personal data of customers.
• Screen lock system is fixed inside the app. The access of app will be connected to the fingerprint or androd screen lock of the device.
• It asks the user to enter a security pin when the app is installed and opened for the first time.
• User can enable an incognito keyboard. It will disable personalized learning.
• All the calls can also be relayed. It will avoid IP address of the user to be shared with the contacts in the device.
• Read receipts button is also provided.
• The user can generate link previews directly from the websites for the messages sent or received.
• Sealed sender feature will ensure that the details of the sender and the recipient are hidden.
• Registration lock is also available for double security. By enabling it, the user can register his/her phone number twice with the signal app.
That was all about the privacy policies of the app. In my view, it is the best messenger app when it comes to privacy of a customer. If you are Business oriented person, CEO of any company, officer grade in Government or any other famous personality who needs full security, signal app is surely made for you.
Additional features:- 
You can invite friends as in every messenger app. New group, wallpaper, theme,etc are also available inside the app. You can directly click pictures and send it anyone using signal. You can control the notifications from the app. You can also change the language of the app. A donation section is also there if anyone wants to donate to the signal app. The video calls made in signal are also end-to-end encrypted and does not store any data.
One more thing that makes it special is it’s internal UI. It gives an super clean UI experience to it’s users. No any crowdy features, very easy to use.
Every other application or any technology definitely has some pros and cons. It will be a biased review if we don’t discuss about some cons of the app. So, below are some pros and cons of the signal private messenger app:-
• It is the best in segment in terms of privacy of the users.
• Very smooth and optimal UI experience.
• Very easy to use
• Every other feature included that whatsapp provides and some additional features too.
• It was also recommend by Elon musk ( CEO of Tesla and spacex, world’s second richest as of now) on his Twitter handle.
• We use messaging apps to communicate with our relatives and family. Whatsapp is almost used by everyone but signal is not still widely known. So, it will take time to be downloaded and used by everyone.
•  If the app has a new update but the user has not updated then the messages can’t be even received.
•  It has very regular updates and sometimes it becomes annoying while updating again and again.
How to use:- 
The app is available on play store for Android users and on app store for iPhone users.
After downloading, first of all you will have to verify your phone number with an otp. Then it will ask you to enter the security pin. You can go through back up if you have any recent data on the application. After all login process you can find your friends who are using signal app. You can also invite more friends to download and operate the signal messenger app. Profile picture can be added very easily and you can write about yourself in the profile section. You can change theme and language of the app too. Many options for controlling the notifications are also available inside the app. Video calls and normal voice calls can easily be done to anyone by simply tapping on the call icon in the chat. Yes, it is extremely simple while accessing.
For whom:-
Anyone can use the signal messenger app as it’s a normal messaging application. But the people who have great concerns with their privacy then it is surely better than any other messaging app. If you run any organization or a high security firm and you want your personal details to be highly secured, you must try the signal messenger app.
Some more info:-
The signal private messenger was launched in February 2018. It is a non-profitable app. The major service of the app is not to make profits and that’s why it provides the best privacy policies. The Signal Foundation established with the initial funding of $50 million by Brian Acton. By January 2021, Signal had a total of 105 million downloads around the globe. The monthly active users stood at 40 million.
Brian Acton was the founder of signal Foundation who was also one the co-founders of whatsaap messenger. The signal private messenger app was created by an American cryptographer, Moxie Marlinspike. The current CEO of the app is also Marlinspike.

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