Python Interview Questions

Most Frequently asked Python Interview Questions will help you to get your dream job. These Python Questions will be going to ask in 2020.

What is python?
What are the advantages of Python?
What is PEP 8?
What do you mean by Python literals?
Explain Python functions.
What is Python Zip() function?
What is Python’s parameter passing mechanism?
How to overload constructors or methods in Python?
What is Web Scraping? how would you achieve web scraping in Python?
What are the file related libraries/modules in Python?
What are the different file processing modes supported by Python?
What are the different types of operator in Python?
What is used to create a Unicode string in Python?
Explain How Python is interpreted?
What is the operator in Python?
What is the difference between list and tuple?
What is slicing in Python?
What are the built-in data-type in python?
What is Anonymous function in Lambda Function?
Write a sorting program for a numerical dataset in Python?
How will you reverse a list?
What is Python module?
How to display the contents of the text file in reverse order?
To open a file in c:\sorce.txt for writing?
What is OS Module?
Write a program to check whether a given number us a prime number?
Write a generator function to generate a Fibonacci series?
How do you include a module in your Python file?
When do you choose a list over tuples?
How do you create a list which is a reverse version on another list in Python?
How do you merge one dictionary with others?
How to access elements from a list
How to get current system Date nad Time?
How to delete or remove elements from a dictionary?
Write a program to find e-mail is valid?
write a program to remove duplicate form a list.
Explain inheritance in Python with an example.


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