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Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery Setup using cloudformation

# Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery

## Step-01: Introduction to CI CD
– For introduction slides refer the [presentation slides](/otherfiles/presentations/AWS-FargateECS-Masterclass-Course.pdf).

## Step-02: Pre-requisite Step – Create Staging and production services in ECS
– **Create ECS Task Definition**
– Name: ecs-cicd-nginx
– Container Name: ecs-cicd-nginx
– **Important Note: Make a note of this container name, this should be same as we give in our buildspec.yml for container name**
– Image: stacksimplify/nginxapp2:latest
– **Create Staging ECS Service**
– Name: staging-ecs-cicd-nginx-svc
– Number of Tasks: 1
– **Create Production ECS Service**
– Name: prod-ecs-cicd-nginx-svc
– Number of Tasks: 1

## Step-03: Create CodeCommit Repository
– Create Code Commit Repository with name as **ecs-cicd-nginx**
– Create git credentials from IAM Service and make a note of those credentials.
– Clone the git repository from Code Commit to local repository
git clone
– Copy below listed two files from course section **06-CICD-ContinuousIntegration-ContinuousDelivery** to local repository
– Dockerfile
– index.html
– Commit code and Push to CodeCommit Repo
git status
git add .
git commit -am “1-Added Dockerfile and index.html”
git push
git status
– Verify the same on CodeCommit Repository in AWS Management console.

## Step-04: Create buildspec.yml for CodeBuild
– Create a new repository in Elastic Container Registry (ECR) with name as **ecs-cicd-nginx** and make a note of ECR Repository full name.
– Create **buildspec.yml** file in local desktop folder **ecs-cicd-nginx**
– Update **buildspec.yml** file
– Update **REPOSITORY_URI** value with complete ECR Repository name
– Update the **Container Name** at **printf ‘[{“name”:”ecs-cicd-nginx”** in buildspec.yml
– **Important Note:** In ECS Task Definition also when we are creating it, please ensure we give the container name as **ecs-cicd-nginx**

### buildspec.yml

version: 0.2

docker: 18
– echo Logging in to Amazon ECR…..
– aws –version
– $(aws ecr get-login –region $AWS_DEFAULT_REGION –no-include-email)
– echo Build started on `date`
– echo Building the Docker image…
– docker build -t $REPOSITORY_URI:$IMAGE_TAG .
– echo Build completed on `date`
– echo Pushing the Docker images…
– echo Writing image definitions file…
– printf ‘[{“name”:”ecs-cicd-nginx”,”imageUri”:”%s”}]’ $REPOSITORY_URI:$IMAGE_TAG > imagedefinitions.json
files: imagedefinitions.json
– Push the updated code to codeCommit Repository.

git status
git add .
git commit -am “2-Added buildspec.yml”
git push
git status

## Step-05: Create CodePipeline
– Create CodePipeline
– Update the CodeBuild Role to have access to ECR to upload images built by codeBuild.
– Policy Name: AmazonEC2ContainerRegistryFullAccess
– Test by accessing the static html page

## Step-06: Make changes to index.html file
– Make changes to index.html (Update as V2)
– Commit the changes to local git repository and push to codeCommit Repository
– Monitor the codePipeline
– Test by accessing the static html page
git status
git commit -am “V2 Deployment”
git push

## Step-07: Create Manual Approval stage in CodePipeline
– Create SNS Topic and confirm the email subsciption for sending notificaitons.
– Edit Pipeline and Create **Manual Approval Stage**

## Step-08: Create Deploy to Prod ECS Service stage in CodePipeline
– Edit the pipeline and create **Deploy to prod ECS Service**

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