Bigdata Storage & databases on AWS Use Case

Create Amazon Dynamo DB Table using default table setting. The table name must be “Song” and the
Partition key must be “ArtistName” – String Type. Add these items in the table “Song.”
ArtistName(String) Song(String)
Sam “My name is Sam”
Anil “My name is Anil”
Amit “My name is Amit”
Query the Sam’s song and Delete the Amazon Dynamo DB Table “Song.”

These are the steps we need to perform:
1. Go to Amazon DynamoDB Service.
2. Click the Create table option and key in the table name as Song and Partition Key as ArtistName
and select String. Keep the default table setting and then click the Create tab.
3. You can see the table has been created with table name Song and Partition Key ArtistName
4. Click the Item tab option and then click the Create item option.
5. Give the required details of Item 1 and create additional attributes by clicking on the + sign to
the left of the last attribute.
6. Click on append, and from the drop-down list select string type; a new row attribute will be
7. In the text field, enter the name in the Name field; in the value field enter Amit and click the
Save option.
8. Click the option again and give the values of 2nd item. Click Create Item on append. From the
drop-down, select string type; a new row attribute will be added.
9. Repeat steps for 3rd item.
10. Click the Items tab and choose the Query option from the drop-down list. Give the ArtistName
as Amit in the search box.
11. Go down and click the Start search tab. You will get one item as a result.
12. Go to Actions tab and select the table.
13. Choose Delete table option. Check the Delete all Cloud watch alarms for this table option and
click on delete.

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