AWS Security

AWS Security – Securing AWS Means Avoiding Common Mistakes

AWS is a great tool but it might prove a worst to handle if you make these mistakes. However, as you would pretend to make these mistakes, this means, you would be unknown of the same. In this blog, we shall discuss the prominent mistakes, which generally people do while handling the AWS.

So, if you want to become the aware user, here is your guide. Make sure you avoid these mistakes while handling this tool.

The mistakes to avoid while handling the AWS tool

While handling the tool, the common of all the mistakes which are seen are-

  • Not using the auto scaling groups
  • Handling the infrastructure manually
  • Ignoring the trusted advisor
  • Less utilization of the virtual machines

Let us understand all of these mistakes in the brief.

  • Not using the auto scaling groups: The auto scaling has the only issue- it does not auto scale. For every auto scaling group, the EC2 instance must be launched. Once it is launched, I am emphasizing at it. If once it is launched, the auto scaling group then will take care of it.
  • Handling the infrastructure manually: While handling the AWS manually, the biggest issue that faces is that it cannot be reproduced and documented. But the AWS CloudFormation could solve your problem.
  • Ignoring the trusted advisor: Trusted advisor is the authority that checks the accounts against the best practices as defined for the AWS. The trusted advisor checks on cost, performance, fault tolerant and much more.
  • Less utilization of the virtual machines: While you have this feel that your machine is underutilized, you should just check the CloudWatch metrics. The underutilization of the machine generally happens when the infrastructure is handled manually.

So, these were some of the mistakes which everyone should avoid to make AWS work perfectly.


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