aws monitoring best practices

Ways to have the best from cloud

You must have implemented cloud infrastructure in your business. Then you must know about How to get the most from the cloud: AWS Monitoring Best Practices. It is seen that nowadays it is not possible to keep the hardware or software that you use in your own premises and have a watch on them. So, there are certain ways in which you can do so. Let us see those.

You can use AWS monitoring

If you want to have a watch on the hardware and software that you are using by means of AWS monitoring. This offers you a sophisticated monitoring platform which allows you to know about the different KPI’s. The different KPIs that you will be able to monitor are:

  • The KPI about the network will make you know about the bytes send and received
  • The KPI about the CPU will help you to know about the CPU usage that is happening
  • You can also know about the balance of credit that you have, the usage of credit, and the charges that you have to pay for.
  • You can also monitor the system integrity
  • You can also know about the length and number of writer operations.

The platform will analyze all the data and make that available in front of so that you know all about the hardware and software that you are using. It will provide you these data on a routine basis and you can so monitor the performance of the data and metrics for the application which is based on some other place than your company.

It’s a tool that makes you observe and rectify if anything unwanted is happening. It is the most required platform that you must have if you are using cloud based application.


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